Ok. I had to reschedule my release of “RMBR ME” but I really had to. It took me some time to plan and shoot the Video for it, which is going to be released in JULY. Hope you guys enjoy my new song and feel the pain, struggle and energy in it. I’ve cried, fell into despair, was clear in the unclear, super emotional and hurt writing this song. AND I was scared of the reaction of it. I felt a little naked and vulnerable releasing it. It means so much to me. To all broken hearts out there. It took me half a year to speak about my experience of emotional abuse. So if you can’t find the right words for it, I’ll do it for you. I speak for you. And scares fade, memories get blurry… let’s work on forgiving and forgetting. It’s always a lesson even if you can’t see the good in the bad. Let’s move on…


Welcome to my official homepage. Nice to see you here. This year is gonna be the „I‘m gonna release a lot of songs“- Year. Suuuuper excited to release my first official EP „Forgive & Forget“. Busy bee works day and night, improves her skills, writes and produces new music. My first single is now ready to be release. So IN MAY i‘m gonna release „RMBR ME“. Stay tuned. Love, Bubu