I wanted the video to become one with the music and the lyrics. here it is… more powerful than ever.

A widely neglected issue of our generation = emotional abuse.

Produced by Niko Maronn, STEREO FILMS

Directed by Roman Schaible

Performed by Buket & Sascha Weingarten

Post- Production: HARVEST Hamburg

Make- Up : Janine Bone



Based in Hamburg, Buket has consistently produced music the last 14 years. This new sound represents "honest and vulnerable lyrics with dynamic beats und melodies". Her first, self produced, single “RMBR ME” is out now everywhere and the EP “Forgive & Forget” is going to be released in October. Stay tuned. 

Photos by Daniel Feistenauer & Yoshua Aflissah. Artwork by Vic Schwarz.



On Tour


LENA // Stars for free // 31.08.2019

SARAH CONNOR // Stars for free // 31.08.2019

LENA // Bayern 3 Dorffest // 08.09.2019

LENA // SWR3 NewPop Festival // 12.09.2019

LENA // NDR // 14.09.2019

LENA // Red Bull & Ö3 Konzertspektakel // 19.10.2019

LENA // A-Big-Music-Night // 09.11.2019